πŸ‘™ 3 Ways To Wear A Co-Ord πŸ‘—

 Sometimes I find myself getting a bit sick of constantly trying to match up an outfit that goes well, and is occasion appropriate. But, after recently rediscovering co-ords, I’ve found myself being able to throw on an outfit without even thinking about if it goes or not, because that’s the whole purpose of a co-ord – they always match!

An absolutely amazing online boutique clothing brand that I have found myself loving at the moment, especially for co-ords for all occasions, is none other than Mirror Image Style. So, I have got together my top 3 fave co-ords from Mirror Image Style, and wanted to show them off to you all!


 So this beautifully coloured, suede material co-ord is super comfortable and really flattering. The crop top ties around the back of the neck, and covers up the boobage area perfectly. It’s very light-weight but fits snuggly and comfortably. The skirt has a lace stitching at the bottom, which is perfect for evening meals or a night out/party. I really love this detail because you can choose whether you want to zig zag it, or lace it straight across like I did. This dark khaki green co-ord is known by the name ‘Melia’, and is currently for sale at a bargain of Β£12.00! And, if you use the code KEELY20, you can get a whopping 20% off!!

This incredible, beautiful tassel-filled co-ord is definitely my fave out of the three picks! The pearl white colour shimmers beautifully off any kind of lighting, and the tassels flow so beautifully and really give this co-ord a bit of class and elegance. The top half fits perfectly just like the ‘Melia’ co-ord, it’s so snug fitting that it is really flattering, but without being too revealing. As for the skirt, it’s a perfect length and really figure hugging, so it’s a gals best friend! I am sooo tempted to wear this outfit for Valentines Day when I go out with my boyfriend – it’s just so unique. This co-ord is currently at an amazing price of Β£19, however if you use the code KEELY20 you can get 20% off!!
Last but not least, is this ultra comfy lounge wear co-ord known as ‘Candie’! This co-ord can be used for working out, at the gym, nipping out to the shops or for lounging around in at home. I personally love wearing it at home and in bed, because it’s soooo comfortable and warm. The design on this co-ord is absoloutely insane, it says ‘C A N D Y’ all across the arms and chest, as you can see in this picture. It also says ‘C A N D Y’ on the back of the shorts, which is really fun and sassy. It is stylish and makes you feel like a bad b*tch, lol. I literally live in this co-ord. ‘Candie’ is currently at Β£19 but again, you can grab yourself a bargain by using KEELY20 for 20% off. I want you to be as comfy and as sassy as me in the comfort of your own home!!
There are my three different ways to wear a co-ord, all completely different and stylish in their own ways! You should definitely check them out using the link below! 
Let me know what your fave co-ord is.

*The link above is an affiliate link. I get a small % of commission when you use my code. Thanks for your support.

30 thoughts on “πŸ‘™ 3 Ways To Wear A Co-Ord πŸ‘—

  1. Keely says:

    Thanks Madi, that's my fave too! :)Ikr, I can't wait to wear it out, probably on a date with the boyf! It's so nice.Thanks for the comment xo


  2. Keely says:

    Thanm you so much Joanna, it means a lot. The colour white is so pretty to wear, isn't it – it is definitely a summer colour!I'm glad I've been able to enlighten you on co-ords and I hope it's given you inspo to get one, they have soooo many more! Xx


  3. Keely says:

    Aw thank you Rebecca, I appreciate it! :)Don't be silly, you could pull these off for sure, there are soooo many gals out there, like you, who could do a better job than me! Xxx


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