🐝 Trend Of The Week: Tartan πŸŒΌ

With the world of fashion constantly changing, and new trends appearing every single day – from cycle shorts to neon bra’s, I thought that I should introduce a new little segment to my blog where I review a new trend each week. 🐝

I’m not the most glamorous, trendiest gal in the world but I do like my fashion and I definitely try and keep up with the latest trends, so I thought it would be a great little way of sharing my latest thoughts on the latest fashion! πŸ‘—

So without any further hesitation, my first ever trend of the week is none other than Tartan πŸ™ŒπŸ˜I got this amazing red tartan styled dress from In The Style for under Β£20! 🌻 It’s absolutely amazing for the summer and it’s also really comfortable, and I’ve worn it before alone as a single dress which looks cute, but I mainly wear it over a little top which in my opinion looks even cuter. πŸ₯°

Today I’ve paired the tartan dress with a bright yellow, summer inspired shoulder sleeve top from New Look, which makes this outfit look even more bright and summery, and I love it. 🌞 If you’re liking this summery, unique tartan styled dress then get yourself to In The Style and type in tartan! (NOT sponsored!) πŸ™ŒπŸ––

Let me know what other trends you want me to try out and review. I’m personally a huge fan of the tartan and can’t wait to find more stuff with this design! ✨

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