50 Reasons To Stay Positive ♡ | Keely Elise

I think that we all need a little bit of a positivity boost at times, whether it be a friendly reminder or a real pep talk. We all can find ourselves feeling down for one reason or another, and I think that although mental health awareness is really positive right now, it’s still not spoken about and normalised as much as it should be.

This is why I’ve decided to team up with one of my favourite Mental Health Charities, Mind, and come up with 50 whole reasons to stay positive. So, if you’re feeling a little bit demotivated at the moment and need a bit of positivity, look no further! 😊♡

1. You Are Stronger Than You Were Yesterday

2. There Is Always Someone Who Has It Worse Than You

3. Tomorrow Is Never Promised. Take In What You Already Have

4. Every Day Is A Fresh Start

5. You Are Unique And Their Is Nobody At All That Can Offer What You Do

6. You Are Worth It. Remember That

7. At The End Of Every Storm, There Is A Rainbow

8. There Is Always A Reason For Everything – Everything Happens For A Reason

9. Life Isn’t About Waiting For The Storm To Pass, It’s About Dancing In The Rain

10. There Will Always Be Someone Wishing They Had What You Do

11. You Only Have One Life, Live It And Love It

12. Everyone On This Earth Has A Purpose. You Have A Purpose

13. Life Is Beautiful, Make The Most Out Of It

14. Positivity Means Healthy Relationships, A Healthy Mindset And Healthy Body

15. Positive Thoughts Attract Positive Outcomes

16. Happy Mind, Happy Life

17. Forget All The Reasons Why It Won’t Work, And Believe The ONE Reason Why It WILL

18. There Are So Many Beautiful Reasons To Be Happy

19. Good People Get Good Things

20. When You Have A Dozen Reasons To Smile, Don’t Let One Reason Make You Frown

21. Everyday May Not Be Good, But There Is Something Good In Every Day

22. Smile, Breathe, And Go Slowly

23. Laughter Makes Blood Flow More Freely

24. Turn Your Demons Into Art, Your Shadow Into A Friend, And Your Weaknesses Into Strengths

25. There Is Something Beautiful In Everything

26. Instead Of Giving Yourself Reasons Why You Can’t, Give Yourself Reasons Why You Can

27. Sometimes You Have To Get Through The Worst, To Get To The Best

28. The Best Things In Life Are Free

29. Keep Faith. The Most Amazing Things Happen In Life Just As You’re About To Give Up

30. Once You Choose Hope, Everything Is Possible

31. There Is Always A Reason To Smile

32. When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade

33. Having Feelings Does Not Make You A “Negative” Person, It Makes You Human

34. Share Your Smile With The World, And You’ll Get Millions Back

35. Count Your Blessings Day By Day

36. You Woke Up, You Have This Life, Don’t Take It For Granted

37. If It Should Have Been, It Would Have Been

38. Your Future Needs You; Don’t Dwell On The Past

39. It’s Not About Perfect. It’s About Effort

40. In Someone Else’s Eyes, Your Story Is Their Goal

41. Don’t Tell Me The Sky’s The Limit, When Their Are Footprints On The Moon

42. You Are Enough Just As You Are

43. The BEST Is YET To Come

44. Do Small Things, With Great Love

45. Beautiful Things Happen When You Distance Yourself From Negativity

46. In A World Where You Can Be Anything, Be Kind

47. By Being Yourself, You Put Something Wonderful In The World That Was Not There Before

48. Don’t Give Up On What YOU Want To Do. Where There Is Passion, Love And Inspiration, You CAN’T Go Wrong

49. Nothing Is Impossible. Even The Word Itself Says “I’m Possible”

50. Believe You Can, And You Will

I really hope that these little motivational and inspirational quotes helped you in some way, even if it’s just a little! If you’re struggling and feel as though you need professional help, I truly recommend Mind the Mental Health Charity: https://www.mind.org.uk and stay happy ♡ xoxo

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