73 Questions With Vogue Parody ♡ | Keely Elise

Something I love to watch on YouTube when I have nothing else to do, is the celebrity 73 questions with Vogue! So, when I was tagged by an amazing fellow lifestyle blogger, Samantha Blogs, to do the “Parody 73 Questions With Vogue” blog post, I was absolutely over the moon! ☺️ Without any further ado, here is my 73 Questions With Vogue 😂✨ so you’ll be able to get to know me a bit better!

1. What’s your usual coffee shop order?

My usual coffee shop order is usually a vanilla latte or a simple tea but, if I go to Costa which is my local coffee shop, I LOVE the coconut milk iced lattes 😍✨

2. What’s your favourite colour?

Although I’m a lot more girly than I used to be and ADORE the colour pink, my fave colour has still got to be good old black 🖤

3. Fave clothing brand?

Pretty Little Thing! I’d say I Saw It First as I love them just as much, but sometimes I can find their sizing to be a little off 😩

4. What does your work station look like?

A wooden desk with a till that doesn’t work, an old fashioned (ancient) barista styled coffee machine, and a shit load of menus 😂

5. Favourite food?

It would have to be mac n cheese. Heavennn ☁️

6. Favourite book?

Anything Jacqueline Wilson. Love her, my childhood is full of her books! Probably My Sister Jodie

7. What’s your favourite video game?

Definitely GTA 5! although I do love Mario Kart 🤣🙌

8. Favourite top 3 movies?

UP!, The Greatest Showman, and Love Actually

9. Twitter or Instagram?

Such a hard choice for different reasons! I would probably have to go with Insta, but I love Twitter because it’s where my blog lives

10. Computer or laptop?

Laptop! So much more convenient 🙌

11. Best advice you’ve ever received?

To just stick up for myself and not let people walk over me 🙂 “Know your self worth”

12. Are there any projects you’re working on RN?

Other than trying really hard to get my blog better than ever and more frequent, nope!

13. Did you get good grades at school?

I got average grades and I’m happy with all of them. My best were a 6 in English and B in Media 😊

14. Dream job?

Either full-time blogger, or working in fashion social media/marketing. Aside from this, I would ultimately LOVE to be a primary school teacher

15. Do you play sports?

Nope. I do occasionally gym, though 💪

16. Nationality?

British 🇬🇧

17. Describe yourself in 3 words –

Random, Questionable & Caring

18. What’s your favourite blog post to read?

Lifestyle type blogs, reviews and day trip ideas 👩

19. What’s your favourite blog post to write?

Positivity and wellbeing posts

20. If you were a rapper, what would your rapper/stage/street name be?

KeelzE 🤘😂

21. Who was the last person you messaged?

My boyfriend to see if he wanted a game of online chess 😂

22. What are your top 5 ambitions?

1. To get a secure job that I love

2. Travel a little with my boyfriend

3. Move into my own place with my boyfriend

4. Get a puppy

5. Become full time with my blog

23. Fave TV show to watch?

Hmmmmm Lost. I’m watching it on Amazon Prime atm so idk if that counts but yeah, Lost 😁 Bates Motel is a good shout, too!

24. Who’s really important to you at the moment?

My amazing partner ❤️

25. How many tattoos do you have?

Big fat NONE 😁 I would love a few small ones in the future though

26. What’s the best thing that’s happened to you today?

My boyfriend agreed to go and watch Toy Story 4 with me tomorrow! 😁

27. What’s your peaceful place? Your happy place?

On the sofa wrapped in my blanket, with a cuppa tea and biscuits

28. What’s the best thing ever?

Having my back tickled in bed, or my hair played with 🤤

29. What’s your favourite flavour muffin?

The double chocolate chip muffin from McDonald’s

30. Do you often cook?

I don’t cook as much as I would like to! But I cook every now and then, especially when I’m on holiday it’s kind of a tradition 🤗

31. What’s your favourite dessert?

Anything cookie dough! 🍪

32. Favourite season?

I love summer because it’s so cheerful, and I absolutely love winter because Christmas is my fave time ever. But I would probably have to go with autumn, because I LOVE the leaves and the crisp air and fog and the transition from warm to cold days ❄️

33. Favourite holiday?

I’ll give you one guess… CHRISTMAS!!! 🎄🎅🎁⛄️❄️

34. Favourite baby girl name, and favourite baby boy name?

Hard question. Girl would have to be Layla, and boy would be Eli 👶🏼

35. Do you like surprises?

Depends on what the surprise is 😂 but most of the time, I love them!

36. What’s the best surprise you’ve had?

One of the best surprises was my boyfriend getting me tickets to see my favourite drag queen Bianca Del Rio! This September!

37. Favourite holiday (vacation) you’ve been on?

It would have to be Zante, which was a family holiday which my boyfriend joined me on, and it was amazing ☺️✨

38. What’s your least favourite food?

Peas! I can’t think of anything worse 🤢

39. Favourite sauce condiment?

Omg I love sauces. I think it would have to be just ketchup, plain and simple 🙌

40. If you could teach a made up college class, what class would it be?

Binge eating snacks

41. It’s 4am on a random Saturday morning, what are you eating?

More likely Doritos with a sour cream and chive dip 🤤

42. Who’s your Phone Network provider?

At the moment it’s 02 UK 😂

43. Best documentary you’ve seen?

Louis and The Nazis. I even did one of my College assignments based on this one! ☺️

44. Best date idea you’ve not done yet?

I’d love to go to the beach at night and walk along it and a pier maybe!

45. Fave cinema company?

Cineworld, though I visited Vue recently and have to say that I LOVE the reclining chairs 😍

46. Best comic book character?

Dennis the Menace!

47. One of your fave childhood TV shows?

There’s so many! I remember loving Bear in the Big Blue House

48. What’s your biggest strength?

Probably just my kindness, idk I just really do care about those around me & will do everything I can to help in any way

49. What’s your biggest weakness?

I’m very sensitive and can often struggle taking criticism even if its constructive!

50. How much do you weigh?

Woahhh personal! 😂 at the moment I’m 10 stone 2, but hoping to lose a bit maybe 🏋️‍♀️

51. Worst thing to do (place to go) on a first date?

Bungee jumping lmao!

52. What’s your best pick up line?

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? 🤢

53. Name three things that you’d find in your bag?

Chewing gum, hand sanitiser and my purse

54. Favourite alcoholic drink?

I love a Woo Woo Cocktail 🤩🍹

55. Favourite soft drink?

Apple and Mango J20!

56. Cats or dogs?


57. Favourite sushi?

I LOVE tuna sushi! And vegetable sushi

58. What is your diet?

I’m a Pescatarian! (I don’t eat meat, but I occasionally eat fish) 🐟

59. What’s your favourite lipstick shade?

I love anything nude, with a matte gloss finish

60. Favourite nail colour to wear?

Black and silver! Or black and glitter 💅

61. What’s your go to foundation?

Collection Lasting Perfection liquid foundation 🤩

62. Do you have any qualifications related to your blog?

I’m qualified in Specials Occasions & Bridal Makeup! 💄

63. Blow dry or air dry?

I hate blow drying my hair because it’s so tedious, but I would go with blow dry because my hair goes SO frizzy when I leave it to air dry! 💇‍♀️

64. Who is your fashion icon?

I have so many! My top three would be Bianca Del Rio, Karl Lagerfeld and Rihanna! You should check out my blog post where I talk all about them and why they inspire me 😊

65. Favourite Disney princess?

Cinderella 💋

66. What are you doing tomorrow?

Going to see Toy Story 4 with my partner! Woooo 🎉

67. Typical working hours?

Saturday and Sunday 10-4!

68. Movie that made you cry?

Any movie ever, lmao! Either UP!, or Marley & Me 😓 they get me every time 😩

69. Favourite animal?

Pandas! 🐼 I love penguins though

70. One person in the world you’d like to have a coffee with?

Miley Cyrus! An absolute legend 👑 or RUPAUL! Can I pick two? 😫😂

71. Best way to destress?

Bath – hair mask, face mask, shave, go into my bedroom, light some candles, watch Netflix with a nice cup of tea! ☕️

72. Guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure would either be the odd pop song, or Emmerdale. I do love a cheeky Emmerdale catch up 😂

73. Who are your 12 favourite bloggers? (TAG THEM TO JOIN THE VOGUE 73 QUESTIONS CHALLENGE)!

I now nominate my 12 favourite bloggers:

@Ami_T1995 @violetelmblog @BaileyLeahBlogs @blushrougette @ksloves_ @msblife_ @Chloe3May @zoezozoblog @fashforwardblog @everythingxerin @pinkaestheticxx @blogCKbeauty @chloececiliax

Hope you all enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better, I don’t usually do Q&A’s but I thought this Vogue inspired one seemed fun! Thanks again to @LauraSamanthia for the tag xox

4 thoughts on “73 Questions With Vogue Parody ♡ | Keely Elise

  1. msb.life says:

    Thank you so much for tagging me! I did this last week (although as I was reading I noticed some of the questions are different!) and it was fun to answer but didn’t it take so long!? I am loving some of your answers btw hahah and my boyfriend LOVES Lost! Have a great day 🙂


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