20 Things I Want To Do Before 20 ♡ | Keely Elise


I’ve recently turned 18 and quite frankly, it’s quite a scary age. It’s the age of officially accepting responsibility and having to step into the real world. And yes, it comes with a lot more freedom, a lot more exciting opportunities and many, many positive points, it is a daunting time for quite a lot of people! But, instead of sitting around feeling scared and worried about what the future holds, and what responsibilities may be lurking around the corner, I thought I would get together a little ‘Bucket’ list of things I want to do before I’m 20! Because 18 is still such a young age, there’s so much to do and what better time to do them than now, with the people I love!

  1. Go to Tenerife with Bae

2. Have afternoon tea in Manchester

3. Go To A ‘Make Your Own’ Cocktail Bar

4. Become More Developed As An MUA

5. Volunteer At An Animal Sanctuary

6. Visit Santorini

7. Go Back To Greece

8. Dye My Hair Back To Silver

9. Swing Over Amsterdam

10. Become Qualified In Semi-Permanent Lashes

11. Meet Bianca Del Rio

12. Visit Auschwitz

13. Grow My Hair To The Bottom Of My Back!

14. Be Able To Run 10 Laps None Stop!

15. Go For A Weekend Away To London With Bae

16. Complete In A National Pageant

17. Drive Down To Llandudno For The Weekend With Bae

18. Walk An Alpaca (Again)

19. Ride On The Back Of A Motorbike

20. Raise £1000 For Charity

There we have it – my “20 Things I Want To Do Before 20” Bucket List, created June 2019! I’ll be sure to keep you all updated as I hopefully check things off the list one by one ☺️ Let me know what’s on your list! Thank you for reading, and hopefully I gave you a bit of inspo ♡ xoxo

5 thoughts on “20 Things I Want To Do Before 20 ♡ | Keely Elise

  1. gemmanewbery88 says:

    Bianca del Rio is one of my favourite queen’s ever. Great list! My only advice is to not put too much pressure on yourself to get it all done in time. You have all the time in the world. Enjoy trying to tick them off though!


  2. Laura'sLife 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴 says:

    I really enjoyed your post. I can recommend Krakow and a visit to Auschwitz. It was a humbling and emotional experience to say the least. I would also love to visit Santorini x


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