What’s In My Bag ♡ | Keely Elise

As someone who personally loves reading other Blogger’s “What’s In My Bag” posts on the daily, I thought that it’s probably about time that I write my own!

I’m absolutely obsessed with my handbag, and quite honestly I couldn’t go anywhere without it; it literally follows me everywhere. And since I have just recently treated myself to a new handbag, I thought I would share with you all what I actually have inside it ☺️

So first of all, I have my phone. This might seem like an obvious one, so that’s why I’ve started with it! I always have my iPhone 7 in Rose Gold in my bag!

Seeing as we are on the topic of mobile phones, I thought that next I would share my handy little iPhone charger I take with me! I have a USB charger in my bag at all times so that I can charge up my phone if needed 😇

Next, I have my purse. This purse is actually second hand from my beautiful mum who let me keep it as she never used it! This beautiful brown leather look is from Playboy and I’m obsessed with it. It has all of my essential bits & bobs in that you’d expect, from change for the car park to my driving license and Morrison’s more card! 😂

I also have a little tub of Chewing Gum that I keep in my handbag for safe keeping, because we all know that sometimes there’s nothing we need more than a good bit of chewing gum! 😂 It can be a lifesaver, especially the Extra chewing gum as it’s so strong and lasts for ageeees!

Another thing I like to keep in my handbag, is a little pocket hand sanitiser. Now, I’m no germaphobe but I definitely do like to clean my hands with sanitiser 90% of the day. It just smells so nice, and feels so nice. I’m sure you can relate, gals! Especially the candy floss scented sanitiser, I swear to God I could EAT it it smells that good 😍😩

I also keep a little notebook in my bag, just for making notes either at work, or on a day-to-day basis, for example making a quick shopping list, or monthly budget! I like to think that I’m much more organised than I used to be, and this notebook helps me to stay that way!

Alongside my little notebook, I of course keep a few pens with me! I have my main black ballpoint pen, and then a few little spares just incase it were to run out and I was in dire need of a pen 🙋‍♀️ You gotta be organised, gals!

So, alongside all of these little bits and bobs, I also have the most essential of all. My little handy Tangle Teezer. I have SO many Tangle Teezer’s lying about in my houses, but my favourite one is this pink and black one that I keep in my bag for literally every second of every day! 😂 As a natural brunette, I did go blonde for about a year, which took its toll on my hair, causing it to become easily frizzy and windswept. As you can imagine, there’s nothing better than having a Tangle Teezer at my side saving the day whenever needed 💜

Last but not least, I also carry around two of my favourite body sprays ever! It is the “So” fragrance range, and not only are they super affordable but they’re both absolutely delicious and so long lasting! I have the Pina Colada and the Marshmellow body mist, which are both insanely gorgeous in their own ways! My fave probably has to be the Marshmellow fragrance, as it’s so sweet and really summery

Well, there we go! That’s all I have in my little handbag for now, and I’m so excited to hear what you have in your bags, so be sure to let me know ladies 🙋‍♀️ Thank you for reading as always, and see you very soon with another post xoxo

3 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag ♡ | Keely Elise

  1. LaNese Harvey says:

    Lol your stuff looks very similar to what’s in my bag. I feel like a lot of that is girl essentials 🙂


  2. Kyra || lovekyra.co.uk says:

    I rarely take a handbag with me because I don’t have one that I’m in love with, I’m really considering just taking a plunge and purchasing a good-quality versatile one that will go with any outfit!


  3. Lucie says:

    I bought my first body mist from Primark the other day (I know… why was I still living in 2005 with Impulse spray?) and I LOVE it. It has revolutionised my handbag!!!

    Lucie / byluciestar.com


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