Amsterdam Highlights

Amsterdam is one of those places that I have always wanted to visit, especially when everyone else seems to be going and having such an amazing time 💕 So, when me and my boyfriend got the chance to go on holiday to Amsterdam for our 18th, I couldn’t be more excited! 🥳

It was such a beautiful place, and I can’t explain how much we enjoyed it ✨ The whole entire experience was so incredible from start to finish, and we managed to fit so much in during the short time we were there, which flew by the way.

I always see people off to Amsterdam, and we’ll definitely be returning, so I thought I’d do a little post about what we got up to on our time away and places that I’d recommend visiting whilst there! ✈️💖

On our first day, literally as soon as we arrived in Amsterdam, we went straight to the iA’DAM Lookout! 👀 This was before we even checked into our hotel room 🙈 Luckily, the A’DAM Lookout was literally around the corner from our hotel, so it was no rush! We dropped our suitcases off at the hotel and then headed to the Lookout, which was actually incredible 💫

The main reason why we booked the Lookout was to do the famous ‘Swing Over Amsterdam’ from the roof top of the building 🥵 The entire experience was really good – especially the light show in the lift on the way up to the roof top! ✨ Once we got to the roof top, the atmosphere was amazing and the views were incredible 🔭

The Swing Over Amsterdam experience was definitely once in a lifetime! It’s not often you can swing over the edge of a tower roof top 😬 The experience lasts for around 2-3 minutes and honestly, my stomach dropped every time the swing went over the edge but I would 100% 💯 recommend taking the plunge and doing this, I would do it again in a heartbeat – we both would! 💖

For our first night, we decided to go out for a nice casual meal 🍴 whilst we settled in! We found a really nice Pizza & Pasta Restaurant in the town centre of Amsterdam, and even though it was a little quiet it was really nice, tasty and the service was great 🥰🍕 It was a great start to our holiday!

The next day, we decided to head to none other than the Amsterdam Sex Museum ✨ You can’t go to Amsterdam, and not visit the traditional sex museum! 😂 And it’s only $5 on the door! 💵

The museum was actually a really fun experience and just a bit of a laugh 😂 From the bum cheeks that fart on you when you walk past 🤔 or the big willy you can sit on, to the Marilyn Monroe wax figure, it was interesting and I’d definitely suggest giving it a whirl 💪😂

We also decided that we would try some of Amsterdam’s finest cuisine that they are famously known for – Fritês 🍟 There were Fritês stands literally around every single corner, so we thought we’d try a cone of our own! I was personally very impressed by the crunchy, fried thick-cut chips, but my boyfriend on the other hand wasn’t so keen 😂 They’re not for everyone!

One thing that we unfortunately didn’t get the chance to do was visit the Van Gogh Museum, which we were both really gutted about! But we did manage to find an alternative, which was a museum just around the corner called the Moco Museum.

The Moco Museum was really interesting and unique, and we particularly liked it because of the Banksy work that they displayed ✨ We also both got student discount, I’d recommend this museum if you’re into Banksy and abstract art as it was really unique, but if you’re wanting to go to the Van Gogh Museum then definitely book in advance!

On the way back from the Moco Museum we were quite peckish! (Munchies and all of that 😉) so we decided to stop off at a Street Food Shack. They were doing amazing hot dogs, and what was even better is the fact that they did VEGGIE DOGS! 🌭 They were actually so delicious, they were proper fake-meat vegetarian hotdogs with fried vegetables and cheese 🧀 My mouth is watering just thinking about them 🤤🤤

Another thing that I would definitely recommend is visiting the Anne Frank Museum. Anne Frank’s House was absolutely fascinating, it was so interesting finding out about the history and the true story of what the amazing families went through, and actually being there in person. We managed to get a later slot, at 8pm, so again I would suggest booking in advance as it was absolutely PACKED! A definite must when visiting Dam 💕

You can’t go to Amsterdam without visiting the Xtra Cold Icebar, either, so that we did! And the name really doesn’t lie, it was extra cold to say the least 🥶

The ice bar was definitely one of my favourite things that we did for sure! ✨ We got a cute pic with the polar bear outside, and then once you go in, you go straight into a really cosy bar that has pub-like vibes. You get one free drink in the bar, I had a cocktail and bae had a Heineken 🍺Once you get called into the Ice Bar, which was -13 degrees 🥶 you get another two free drinks! We both had a Heineken to start and then finished off with a Nutella shot, which was sooooo delicious, so strong and really warm 😂 We didn’t manage the whole entire duration of the experience but I was so proud of us for braving it for as long as we did! 💪🥵

We did so much more things, too many to mention! Some of which weren’t appropriate for pictures here (it is Amsterdam 😉🍁🚬 ) and I am also trying to keep this blog post short and sweet 🍬 but here are some more things that we got up to in a nutshell! 👉

• Red Light District ✨ Red Light Secrets Museum ✨ Mr Bunny Pancakes Breakfast Bar ✨ Amsterdam Riverside 90-minute Canal Cruise ✨ iDock 5* Restaurant ✨ Double Nachos Room Service ✨ Dam Square Shopping Trip ✨ Plenty Of Coffee Shops ✨ And Dessert Bars For Our Munchies! ✨ •

Overall, we managed to fit so much into our short little trip away to Amsterdam! 🇳🇱 It was such a lovely first holiday away together, and we will definitely be returning in the future, I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to have this amazing experience with 🥰✨💕 It’s such a cute trip for couples!

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? What was your fave highlight of the trip? Let me know! ✈️

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    1. You definitely should! The museum is incredible, such a great experience and you also get a guided audio tour 💖 They were sooooo tasty, I think about them a lot 😂🤤 Thanks for the love, Liv! Xx


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