Krakow Spam

Poland is somewhere I’d never really thought twice about visiting before, but when I found out that we had the chance to visit, I did my research and couldn’t be more excited! 🥰 We visited Krakow for a total of 5 days, which went faaaar to quickly! 😫 But it was absolutely amazing, and I’m now forever thinking about the place and can’t wait to go back. Because I’m currently having the holiday blues, I thought I’d share some Krakow Spam of my fave bits & bobs 💕✨

The whole entire place was amazing, but the area that particularly stood out to me was the town itself 🥰 The old, traditional town was absolutely stunning. There were so many different types of shops, cafè’s, pubs, bars, you name it, they had it. The weather was also a massive 10/10 which made the whole experience all the better 🌞

So if you’re like me, and can’t go for even a minute without thinking about food, you would absolutely love Krakow. There wasn’t one corner you could turn without being able to smell something amaaazing 😍 It definitely wasn’t great for my diet I was supposed to be on.

We tried so much food! My fave was 100% the Cottage Cheese & Potato Polish Dumplings that me and my boyfriend became obsessed with 😍 but the bagels 🥯 were also SPOT ONNNNN. I miss the food so much.

We did a lot of restaurant crawling and food-tasting, (along-side the wine & cocktail tasting too, of course 🍷), so we also tried the traditional Polish Crispy Pancakes 🥞 which I was genuinely obsessed with! I went for the Sour Cream Pancakes and literally devoured them alllll. Ooopsss.

The drinks were also amaziiing. There were so many cute little cocktail bars, but one place we found which we decided to make our regular, daily visit was an underground music bar venue in Krakow Square! It was amazing, the live music was always so great and the vibe was incredible, even though I struggle to remember the majority of nights here 😂😳

I was genuinely just obsessed with the cocktails, for those of you who may know me you’d know that I’m a huge cocktail gal, especially FRUITY cocktails 🍉🍓🍇🍑🍒 So I definitely took advantage of this.

We did a fair bit of sight-seeing during our time away, and one of these adventures involved visiting the Jewish Quarters! It was really interesting and a beautiful place, and we found a small, unique pub which was sooo dark, but it was really nice and welcoming! ✨

The tables had their own Spinning Wheel’s which was really quirky and we couldn’t leave them alone 🤣🤦‍♀️

The building’s were all absolutely stunning, but one that stood out to me was the big bell tower 💕 Every hour, on the hour, there would be a person at the top of the tower, who would play the trumpet 🎺 and then close the window when finished, we began a habit of looking out for them every time! 🧐😂

There were soooo many outdoor bar’s and café’s in the main square, which we took advantage of every day! We’d visit a new one each day for lunch, and then a new one each evening for drinks 🍸 Unfortunately we didn’t manage to get around them all, but the views of the square whilst sitting were amazing, and we’ll definitely be back to finish our visits.

I also did my fair share of shopping, not even gonna lie. There was a HUUUGE Zara right in the town centre, that me and my mother in law definitely took advantage of! ✨🥰 I had such a huge shopping binge there I’m not even gonna pretend it didn’t happen.

Also, with it being in Krakow, they had some amazing deals which is why we were able to enjoy spending there so much! 🤑

In the main square, Krakow also has a little indoor market, which is beautiful! ✨ There are so many little stalls, with all different types of crafts. From chess boards, to glass art, paintings to hand-made clothing! It’s such a busy place but a nice little walk-through with plenty of local made goods to look at 💖

I could honestly go on forever about even more things we did, like the amazing Vegetarian 🌱 Pizza Bar me and the other half wine’d and dine’d at, or the amazing boat tour that we did on the river!

We also had the once in a lifetime experience of visiting the Auschwitz Memorial Museum, which was absolutely heart-breaking. Words can’t ever describe the feelings, the experience or the awful things that happened in that place. It was a truly eye-opening experience and I really would recommend visiting it if you ever do get the chance to ❤️

Have you ever been to Krakow? What was your fave place there? Let me know! 😌

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