10 Things To Do In Autumn

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons of the year, right after winter ❄️🎄⛄️🤩 And it’s even better that my boyfriend loves autumn just as much if not more, because it means we can go for cute autumn walks and do autumny things together! 🍂

It can be hard to find things to do when the weather isn’t 100%, especially trying to find things to do that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, so I thought I’d compile a little list of some ideas on how to make the most out of the autumn season 😊✨

1. Costa Dates! ☕️
There’s nothing better than going for a Costa in autumn, especially if you can bag yourself a window seat where you can look out at the autumn leaves outside, whilst you’re all nice and warm inside 🤩🍂 Costa have an incredible autumn menu, that me and the boyfriend always take advantage of! From hazelnut praline, to gingerbread, there’s nothing nicer than going for a warm drink and a nice little cake to keep you going for the day ✨
2. Krispy Kreme Halloween Edition 🍩
We alwaysssss have a tradition where every single autumn, in October, we will buy the Halloween Dozen from our local Krispy Kreme! It’s always nice to find yourself a little tradition to do every autumn, because it’s something to look forward to and you’ll then associate it with autumn! 🍂 This year, we were actually devastated to find out that our local Krispy Kreme has gone 😢🤧 RIP Stoke-on-Trent Krispy Kreme. So we had to make do with the little Tesco Krispy Kreme stand and improvise this year. It was still worth it though, anything from Krispy Kreme will do for me 🤤🍩
3. Autumn Walks 💚
There’s nothing nicer than going for a nice walk! We went to the Pavillion Gardens in Buxton, and it’s honestly so nice to just be able to chill out, and enjoy the amazing surroundings 🤩 I think we usually take nature for granted, so going for a nice walk and getting some fresh air in your lungs is really refreshing and makes you appreciate what is around you! ✨ The leaves also look beautiful in autumn and I love how they crunch when you step over them; another thing I love about autumn walks is that it’s nice and breezy but not absolutely freezing 🥶
4. Pumpkin Picking 🎃
Another thing that is an obvious for autumn, again especially in October! Is pumpkin picking 🎃 Is it really autumn if you don’t go looking for the biggest pumpkin? 🤷‍♀️ A lot of people do tend to go to a pumpkin patch, which I do reaaaally want to do next year! There’s nothing I get more jealous of than seeing other blogger’s on my Instagram who have been pumpkin picking at a pumpkin patch, not only is it super photogenic but it looks so fun! 🤳 A great alternative is going to a local garden centre or farm and picking the biggest pumpkin you can find! We did this by visiting Trentham Gardens Garden Centre, which was amazing and got me so excited as there were so many Christmassy things there already ❄️ And I think I definitely did a good job at picking the biggest pumpkin 🤩
5. Light Lunch 🍴 | A Bite To Eat 🥪
We went out for a little bite to eat to re-gain our energy spent pumpkin picking! 🤩🤣 Whether you decide to do this at the same time, or on a complete separate occasion, going out for a light lunch is always something nice to do in the autumn time, especially if you had something like a nice, warm soup and sandwich. I love that combo 😍 We went for a snack and decided to have a panini each, with a bowl of chips to share. It was quite a basic café, but I liked it because it almost reminded me of school, how the food comes out on trays and you get little plastic cups. I like that feeling of being somewhere nice and warm with great company, great food and being able to look outside at the views ✨🍂🤩🍴
6. Halloweeeeeen 👻
Admittedly, at this age it is a little bit too old to be going out trick or treating. Sadly 😂 So it can be hard trying to find something to do on Halloween. But, you should always take advantage of the spooky season, and whether it’s going out to a Halloween Party (there’s always a fancy dress party somewhere near, whether it’s your local pub or night club), or going to watch a late screening of a Horror Film – get out and enjoy it whilst you can! 👻✨ Another tradition of ours is watching a horror film on Halloween, and this year we went to see the new remake of The Shining, “Doctor Sleep” which was verrrry weird. No spoilers here though – if you liked the first, you’ll definitely like the second, as it’s basically the exact same film all over again 😂🎃
7. Coffee ☕️
It’s always nice meeting up for a little coffee date at your local café, whether it be with a friend, family member, loved one or colleague! ☕️🍂 I went for a nice coffee catchup with my mum, aunty, nan and little cousin, a proper girly catch up! 😂🤩💗 And I love the little cup and saucer it came in, I absolutely love that style and when I have my own house, I’m definitely going to be getting this kinda style of crockery ☕️ There’s nothing better than a catch up over a coffee (a latté, in my instance) with your loved ones! 🥰
8. Feed The Ducks 🦆
This may be our inner child coming out, however me and Stan both absolutely went all out, brought ourselves a loaf of bread and went down to the park to feed the ducks 🤩 Disclaimer: It was brown, seeded bread, these ducks are underfed and no ducks were harmed in the process. We nearly were however, when the geese decided to join in, and physically chase us down the park when we had ran out of bread 🤣 It’s always fun being able to feed them, especially throwing it to the shy ducks at the back who are never brave enough to get close 🦆✨ So, go and feed your local ducks, it’s a laugh and they’ll love you for it.
9. Get Out Your Best Jumper | Sweater Weather
Please ignore the state I am currently in – with this change of weather, comes the dreaded flu 🤧 Which I am currently riddled with, I am currently off work, sat in my bed, drowning in tissues and sorrow. I have the worst head cold EVER. Despite this, one of the best things about autumn is the fact that it means it’s getting to SWEATER WEATHER. So, get in your closet, your wardrobe, order yourself whatever you need, and enjoy the cosy feeling of being able to wear your fave sweater. I love how warm and comfy they are, my fave is this “Five A Day” white jumper from Missguided 🍇 It was a bargain, too!
10. Family Get Together | Brew & Biscuits 🍪
If you’re feeling a little more low key, and you maybe want a bit of a lazy day (there’s nothing wrong with that, especially in autumn 🍂) then it’s always nice to have a little get together with your closest family. Whether it’s a brew and biscuits around your nan’s house (which is EXACTLY) what we did, or a lunch at home 🏠 you should set either a day or evening where you can all just sit around and relax by the fire, with the TV on, play a few board games and have a good old natter.

What’s your favourite thing to do in autumn? 10 isn’t really a big enough list, and I still have a bonfire night post to come! 🏆 Let me know what your go-to is during this time of the year 🍂✨

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