Puppy Training 101

Everyone has been showing off their amazing Christmas presents, just like every year, and I absolutely love reading those kind of posts 🥰 But this year, we got something extra special for Christmas this year. WE GOT A PUPPY! 🐶🤩

When we found out that we were getting a little pupper for Christmas, we couldn’t be more excited. I wasn’t able to go and pick him up, but when I came home to a little tiny dog lying on our sofa, I fell in love instantly 😍

It’s been around 2 weeks now since getting our little friend, so I thought I’d introduce him and share some tips we have learned so far along the way! Meet 10 week old Cocker Spaniel, Rio 🐾

He’s an absolute angel! He’s a Pedigree English Working Cocker Spaniel who has now been with us for 14-days. He may look all innocent, but in reality he’s a little nightmare! 🌒 He loves biting, chewing, nipping, and CRYING! But it’s all part of the joy of bringing up a pup 🧸🥰 Without anymore hesitation, here are some of my top tips for training your new puppy!

1. Toilet Training

It’s really important to get your pup toilet trained as quickly as possible so that they can get used to the routine, and know when to go and when not to. We stocked up with lots of a Puppy Pads (from Pets at Home) which we got through pretty quickly.

We also purchased some Training Spray – so how this works is you spray the pads before & after every toilet trip, ensure your pup gets a sniff of the sprayed pad, they usually do this before doing their business anyway. The aim is, to get the spray and pad closer to the back door, eventually spray the ground outside for your pup to recognise where they should be going.

Start of with the pads next to you, in a safe space where they know you are nearby. Every time they use the pad, be sure to praise them and give them a treat. Slowly move the pads closer to the back door, eventually moving the pads outside entirely. As soon as you feel ready, you can remove the pads completely and leave the back doors slightly open for when little pup needs to go. You can then get rid of the spray once they know that outside is where the toilet is! 💩

2. Teething

Teething is a really hard situation with pups, it can often come across as though they are being naughty when in reality, they’re just frustrated and in pain 🐾😫 Rio does seem to be suffering with teething quite badly, but of course this is to be expected! Any suggestions to help pups with teething would be much appreciated, but for now I’d like to share some things that we’ve found helps a lot! 💗 –

• Carrots 🥕 We have been stocking up on the Raw Carrots for Rio, and we are always sure to freeze them before; He absolutely adores them, and will genuinely munch on them for hours!

• Ice Cubes 🧊 This is one that we find helps the most for Rio – munching on Ice Cubes from the freezer! He likes to chew them, play with them and chase them around, but I do really think that the coldness feels nice on his teeth. This was recommended by a lot of people, too.

• Frozen Toys 🧸 We only started trying this one really recently, however he seems to love it! Pop your pupper’s toys and chews in the Freezer for around 1-2 hours, when it comes out they love to chew on the frozen rubber! Rio especially loves his frozen antler 🦌

3. Sit’ | ‘Lie Down’ | ‘Paw’

These ones are my fave – teaching a dog how to ‘Sit’, ‘Lie down’ and give their ‘Paw’, it actually melts my heart 💗 Dogs are really intelligent and lots of people fail to realise how clever they really can be. All it takes is patience, practise and most importantly, time 🐾

We have just taught Rio how to ‘Sit’, we’re currently working on the ‘Paw’ and are yet to even attempt ‘Lie down’ 😂 But we’re so impressed he’s already recognised ‘Sit’ in such a short amount of time, and here’s how we did it –

We began getting treats in our hands 🖐 and would show this very clearly to Rio. We’d then say, in a higher-pitched tone ‘Sit’. The first few times, we’d gently push his bottom down so that he sat, and praised him for it. After repeating this several times, he eventually associated this with being praised, so now every time we say the word ‘Sit’ in the higher pitched, firmer tone, he sits straight away (and licks his lips as he knows a treat is in store! 🤩😇) We’re currently working on ‘Paw’ by doing the exact same thing, except from we’re now lifting his paw rather than pushing his bottom.

4. Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is something that is very common in young puppies. If you think about it, they’ve been taken from their siblings, and their mum, and are now relying on you for their own protection, comfort and survival 🐾 This is something we are currently experiencing with Rio, as every time we leave the room, even if it’s just for a minute, he will howl, cry, bark and sometimes loses control of his bladder. We’re slowly working on getting him used to alone time, and that we’ll always come back. Here’s a few ways to help put your puppy’s anxiety to rest ✨ –

1. Don’t make a big deal when leaving- Try your very best to sneak out quietly.

2. Leave in small intervals; even if you just leave the room for 30-60 seconds, if they cry/howl, walk back in and ignore them completely. If they don’t – treat them, praise them and fuss them. Begin to leave for longer periods of time.

3. Make sure you try not to baby them as much; as hard as this may be, if you’re constantly picking them up, taking them everywhere with you, etc., they’ll become dependant and feel unsafe when not around you.

5. Vets and Vaccinations 💉

It’s soooo important to take your pup to the vets as soon as you’re able to, for a routine checkup top to toe 🐾 And to make sure that they also get their injections as soon as possible, to avoid any chance of catching Parvovirus and so they can release their energy through walking sooner, making it an easier life for you! 🧸

Rio is currently on his course of vaccinations, he’ll be ready for walking in only two weeks time! It can’t come quick enough 🚶‍♀️

When we took him to the vets for his checkup, we found that he had a Respiratory Infection- he needed cough meds & antibiotics. He also had ear mites which he needed ear drops for, as well as needing worming, fleaing and chipping! He’s now as right as rain, and we’ve even given him his first bath 🛀 which he loved!

It just goes to show you really do need to check your doggies and make sure they’re okay. I’d also 100% 💯 recommend getting some pet insurance so that you’re covered for anything, it’s also cheaper to get whilst they’re young ✨

If you have any puppy training tips, please do share them below! I’d love to hear your tips and tricks 🐶 If you fancy giving Rio’s Instagram Page a follow for regular pupdates, we’d really appreciate it! 👉 http://www.instagram.com/riothecockerspaniel_

Instagram- http://www.instagram.com/keelyeliseray 💗

Twitter- http://www.twitter.com/blogkeelyelise 💗

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